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Exercises of Practical Life (EPL)

      These exercises are those from which a child can learn living activities in a purposeful way. The aim of these exercises is to help the children gain independence to adapt to their society and to gain co-ordination.

      Practical life exercises also help the children to concentrate and think in orderly manner. It is the work of a demonstrator to demonstrate properly to children because the child is going to observe and work on it practically. These materials should be familiar real, breakable and functional.

  • Montessori School in Saligramam
  • Montessori School in Saligramam
  • Montessori School in Saligramam


The meaning of sensorial comes by the name itself ‘Knowing the Senses’. The materials used for sensorial are not familiar like EPL, they are completely different which teaches 5 senses like touching, hearing, taste, smell and seeing.

After experiencing sensorial activities, the child ‘s sense perceptions will appear inherently structured and capable of comprehensing abstract concepts.


Language plays a vital role in each individual. It is known only after learning. In Montessori system the child is taught the sounds of words and how to use words in correct content. They are allowed to trace sand paper alphabets and write later on in paper.


Learning mathematics in Montessori teaches the concepts and process, later comes the facts. They are developed from simple to complex.

  • Child is taught numbers from 1-10 and activities to develop those numbers between 1-10. Activities with beads, teaches units, tens, hundreds and thousands.
  • Concepts and process of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Some group activities to develop these concepts.
  • Quantity is presented with teen and ten boards followed by symbols. The board and bead chain develops the child concept by which they can also learn to skip numbers.
  • Activities include learning memorization of facts, fractions concepts.
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