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Why Montessori Education?

Child learns each and every concept like numbers, alphabets, colors, shapes etc., using concrete materials helps them understand it practically instead memorizing which lays a strong foundation for later years.

Since this method does not have black board system they don’t lose concentration, children keep selecting activities and work on them one by one with more enthusiasm.

Children become independent by choosing their activity, working on it by themselves which is explained to them.

Individual teaching method helps the children to learn at their own pace. No competition, No Comparison. We wait for them to get developed.

As the children work by themselves and find results, they feel satisfied & happier and get curious to learn more, instead we forcing. They love to research more.

These activities were developed by Dr.Maria Montessori after her research with children for several years, they might be simple but related to day to day developmental needs of the child.

This education system is quite different from others, giving a balanced 360`learning process like our very own gurukulams. (Household activities, academics, innovation, meditation and culture).
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